Thank you once again for visiting my humble blog. There are so many areas I need to improve on. I’m no writer nor professional baker. So this blog may be somewhat disorganized. It does however try to provide some useful recipes, connote humour and perhaps a little bowl of chicken soup for the soul.

Bakefun is the brainchild of a sahm dabbling in a bit of baking fun. With a supportive husband and two kids in the tow, my reason to bake seem to be even greater than before. The boys’ unrelenting support and appreciation of each baking effort makes everything all worthwhile. Having said that, I also had heaps of fun in each of my bakes which sometimes include my kids.

Fun aside, each recipe is tested and tasted by myself and my family. They work marvellously for me and hope they’ll work well for you too. Feel free to drop a line here on my blog.


2 Responses to Contact

  1. marin says:

    thank you for posting the lemony german cookies,
    could i know where can i purchase the lemon essence
    u r using,,or do i need to buy on line,,
    hope to hear from u,by rtn mail,,
    appreciatres your kindli sharing …

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