Rainbow Cake (Chiffon Method)


Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

Many of the rainbow recipes use genoise sponge. I prefer to use chiffon sponge for its soft cottony texture. The experiment gave rise to a lightweight cake. As my family doesn’t like too much cream, I have layered minimal swiss meringue buttercream between the cakes and topped it with fresh strawberries. Swiss meringue buttercream is highly manageable in our climate in Singapore. Personally, I would have loved to smear heaps of freshly whipped cream. However, given that there are 6 layers of cake, my female guests may not be so obliging with the portions of whipped cream I have to pile in there.

The final result in surprisingly delightful. I had it for high tea the next day with freshly brewed chrysanthemum. The cake serves approximately 10 pax (with each of the girls having a small dainty slice). Not only does it looks good, but this time, the cake also tasted great. I had a teeny weeny slice leftover and I purposely left it until the 3rd day … the cake passed the freshness test with flying colours!



Yolk Batter
2 egg
6 yolk
2 tsp vanilla extract
70g unsalted butter
140g top flour
120g milk

6 egg white > Split the whites into 3 separate bowls ie 2 whites in each bowl
170g sugar >  Likewise for sugar ie 57g in each bowl

Baking Time
180 degree celcius for 12-14 mins


1. Line two 7″ by 7″ tray with baking paper. Prepare 4 additional baking papers for the other layers of rainbow cake.

2. Melt butter in a hot water bath (bain marie method).

3. Add top flour and mix into a dough using a spatula.

4. Pour in the 2 eggs and 6 yolks and mix well.

5. Pour the milk and mix well. Remove from water bath.

6. At this stage, use 6 small bowls to prepare 6 different coloured batter for the rainbow. I use wilton colours. To achieve pastel colours, go sparingly on the colours. Set aside the batter.

7.  For meringue, whisk 2 egg whites and slowly add in the sugar. Whisk until glossy and stiff peaks are formed.

8. Split the meringue into 2 portions for two different coloured batters.

9. I started with the darkest coloured batter (ie. purple, blue). Mix half the meringue with purple batter and the other half with blue batter. Carefully fold the mixtures.

9. Pour the purple & blue batters into their respective  trays. Gently knock the trays (by dropping it on tabletop) to remove bubbles.

10. Bake in oven at 180 degree celcius for approx. 12-14 mins.

11. While the first bake is in progress, start whisking your second batch of meringue for the next two colours. Follow steps 7 – 9 through.

12. As I have only two 7″ trays, once the bake is done, the layer cakes are immediately removed from trays and left to cool on the racks.

13. Peel off baking paper from bottom and place it on top of cake to allow latent heat to escape.

14. Then quickly line the trays with new baking papers and proceed to pour in the next two coloured batters to bake.

15. Continue until all 6 layers of cake are baked.

16. After all the cake layers are cooled, proceed to assemble the rainbow cake.

17. Place a piece of cake on a cake board.  Using a spatula, frost a thin layer of cream before laying on the next cake layer. I use swiss meringue buttercream. You may wish to use freshly whipped cream. Personal choice.

18. Repeat the process for the rest of the cake layers.

19. Refrigerate the cake to let it set for about 30mins.

20. Use a long clean knife. Run it under hot water and wipe it dry. Trim off the 4 sides of the cake (wipe clean your knife after each cut).

21. Chill the cake before serving.


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  1. chuamichy says:


    May I ask what is yolk batter? 🙂

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